Introducing Plots and Errors

You may have heard about this if you've been paying close attention, but I'd like to officially announce the project "Plots and Errors." This is a project that has been in pre-production for the last six months or so, and we are about to start full production. With this official announcement, I would like to point you to two things. The first is a small featurette explaining what "Plots and Errors" is. This will hopefully be the first in a series of featurettes. You can find it by going to The second is this exclusive interview with They were gracious in helping me start getting the word out.

"Plots and Errors" will take Shakespeare's plays and put them together in the same universe. This is a lot like the television show Once Upon a Time, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Separate stories will be told, but they will all come together at the same time.

We hope to tell more stories than this first "season" that will be debuting in early 2014. However, these first few stories will be shown through the following mediums, and for the following Shakespearean characters:

  • Video Blog: Hamlet
  • Video Blog: Olivia
  • Blogger: Kate
  • Blogger: Falstaff
  • Blogger: Hal (a.k.a Henry V)
  • Twitter accounts for all characters in the video blogs.
  • An Ebook (to be released after the video blogs)
  • Possibly more, depending on the reception.

Our hope is that we will be able to tell more stories. After this first season, we plan on continuing some of the video blogs and branching out into a web series as well. So help us get the word out. It's going to be awesome!

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